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Imran Khan, PTI and KPK

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Jahangir Tareen Resigns According to Tareen, the "standards of scrutiny" that the PTI leaders faced during the trial were "unprecedented".


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Government Surrenders to Sugar Mill Owners

PPP Leader Take on News One for false reporting on corruption.

Largest Oil Reserves Found in Punjab, The News.

Deadly Blast in Balochistan

Why Kulsoom Nawaz Won?

Dr Ruth Pfao: Obituary

Musharraf Stashed Billionaire off-shore

Shell Pakistan responsible for Bahawalpur deaths, report

The Contractor and the shadowy deal.

مشعل خان کو یونیورسٹی نے قتل کرایا

The Savage Frontier: The Anglo Afghan Wars

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Hindu Community in Pakistan

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Islamabad's environmental assets under threat

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India and Pakistan: Road to peace...

Rawalpindi Metro fleet remains unutilized

Honour Killing and Murder of a social media star
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Demand of US Dollar increases in Pakistan Government has allowed the export of surplus sugar. Sugar mafia had created an artificial shortage in August earlier this year. 

Qauid e Azam University Claims "We are Open". Police in Islamabad arrested some 70 students in a massive crack down to control Baloch Students,

Afghanistan to Suspend Trade with Pakistan Kabul has unilaterally put off a meeting with Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif improved Pakistan's Economy: Imran Khan rhetoric leading to poverty in Pakistan - the Economist Report. Khan is a hothead who will further inflame Pakistan’s already atrocious relations with India, Afghanistan and America.

Polio cases in Balochistan reported. Fourth polio cases in 18 month has been reported in Chaman district. Who will take stack of Chaman District in Balochistan?

The Contractor and the shadowy deal.  Raymond Davis - United States citizen and ex-Central Intelligence Agency employee who sparked a diplomatic storm in Pakistan in 2011 after shooting dead two young men in Lahore — has written a book apparently to justify crimes committed during his stay in Pakistan.

US declares Syed Salahuddin a ' Global Terrorist' The US Department of State on Monday declared Syed Salahuddin, the supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen (HuM), a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist”, hours before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with President Trump.

Why Imran Khan Failed in KPK  Of the 45 senior consultants at the hospital, many pop in for no more than an hour a day if at all. Then they leave for their private clinics, taking with them those patients who can afford to pay. Patients without money can die before they see a specialist at the 1,750-bed facility.

Pakistan's internet celebrity stir waves. Qandeel Baloch strangled to death by her brother is still in the hearts of many. The young rebel had created awareness in the society for freedom of speech amongst women.

A train of modernity over-runs Lahore's soul Lahoris agree that the new line, a first for Pakistan, would transform their city. But they are bitterly divided about whether that would mean its salvation or the ruin of its considerable charm.

On Observing Flag Rules Can the national flag be hoisted at night? "No", says a retired senior bureaucrat.


Axactly Corrupt  New details suggest that Axact’s fraud empire, already considered one of the biggest Internet scams on record, is bigger than initially imagined. Over the past decade, Axact took money from at least 215,000 people in 197 countries — one-third of them from the United States.

Sex Toys industry in Pakistan 

  Nervousness in Karachi

Cyril Almeida & a very clever Government 

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Imran Khan tells Time magazine he suggested his friend on betting in 1992!

Pakistani Parliament Demands End to Drone Strikes

Getting killed in Pakistan is a blessing..., living is a curse!


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