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A country with safer roads...

Countries where Hijab is ban for Muslim women. A ban on face coverings in public has come into effect in Sri Lanka, following a series of suicide attacks on Easter Sunday, in which at least 250 people were killed.



No running - lose weight in 7 minutes

Election time in Venezuela

BJP Leader found guilty of Muslim Massacre in India (August 30, 2012)

Lords Resistance Army

Angelina Jolie on Pakistan

Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel will come together for a film.



Microwaves cannot always be safe! Things You Should Really Never Microwave. Decant your dinner into a glass or ceramic dish before warming it up. Frozen cuts of meat are tricky to defrost in a microwave: Thinner edges start cooking while the thicker middle remains frozen. The safest way to thaw meat is to defrost it overnight in your refrigerator.

Countries worth living for youth. Saudi Arabia is considered worth living for the young girls and boys - best among all the Muslim countries. Australian teenagers are the most blessed of the lot from all over. (Read Full Story)

Sitting long can kill you. IIf you spend most of your time sitting - say, at the office all day, then lounging on the sofa all evening - can exercise make up for it? Not really, according to new Australian research  (Full Story)

Living Simpler is not much difficult. These 11 simple steps in your daily routine are believed to bring a simpler change. Why not try these? . (Read Full Story)

Warning: These health pages are ...  (Full Story)

Why the US shy away from the out come of War in Iraq. . 10 Lessons from Iraq War

Syria. Outsiders have many good reasons for not wading militarily into Syria’s steadily bloodier mire. The country is not like Libya: isolated, sparsely inhabited and vulnerable from the air. It contains a much bigger, more densely populated and diverse population in a tangle of sectarian and tribal knots. Read Full Story



Focus now on Battle at the Roof of the World (April 15, 2012)

India hasten efforts to modernise its military

Indian Defence Capabilities Leaked out

Pakistan's Berth for Chicago.




Much Easier to get

Readers Digest in Pakistan


Gleaning from the Blogs

NATO containers are still in the headlines but Pakistan's Art is on the Move!

Pakistani Parliament Demands End to Drone Strikes

Getting killed in Pakistan is a blessing..., living is a curse!


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