Teen Life in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is worth livable for youth by American standards!

It may come as a surprise that the standard of living for youth, as set by the Americans is being well followed only in Saudi Arabia as far as the Muslim world is concerned.


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A recent study has found that teenagers in Saudi Arabia enjoy maximum liberty and independence among Muslim countries and thus it is worth living for teens in the Muslim world. Not only this, the country is ranked at No 9 in international ranking for best places to live in for teenagers. Sampling 30 countries for the purpose, study carried out by International Youth Foundation considered access to freedom of information and communication, economic opportunities, education facilities and safety & security as standard parameters for teens live happily.


Living simpler is not difficult...

Surprisingly Australia is at the top of the list even ahead of Sweden. Here is the ranking:

 Top countries in Road Safety



South Korea

United Kingdom


United States



Saudi Arabia


Dalma Rushdi H Malhas (below) at Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games jumps to fame


Unfortunately, the youth in Africa has the least opportunities to move ahead as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria are reported at the bottom of the list in the same study.  

Post dated April 4, 2014


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