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Boys Hostels in Rawalpindi

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You Cannot Take Kashmir Back From Pakistan, Farooq Abdullah Tells India. "I tell them in plain terms - not only the people of India, but also to the world - that the part (of Jammu and Kashmir) which is with Pakistan, belongs to Pakistan and this side to India.

Indian Mission to Moon in March next year

Cow Protection Vigilantes Continue Killing Muslims

Indian Demonetization

Crisis of Indian Intelligence

India Pakistan Water Disputes


Narendra Modi and Gujrat Massacre

Shah Rukh Khan in post 9/11 India

 India is preparing to address energy needs

Human Rights Abuses in India

Communal Unrest in India

Energy Crisis in India

India Russia Sign Joint Venture

License Build Bofors Howitzer

Definition of nationalism in India. Kolkata, is yet to adopt the new definition of nationalism in India. West Bengal resonates with support of Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari Reports for The Friday Time

Indian Nukes: where are IAEA safeguards? Jane’s Defence weekly had reported upon satellite images supporting earlier doubts that India might have been very close to manufacture of hydrogen bombs. This new facility will significantly increase India’s ability to produce enriched uranium for military purposes, including nuclear weapons. According to international law India is therefore required to announce that the facility would be subject to International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards, committed only to peaceful uses. Click to see images of Karnataka facility

India's South dance to a different tune. Voters in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu show socialist inclination in democratic India.

India: Elections 2014. One year into the reign, Pakistan's government is likely to face the biggest challenge after one year into the office. Afghanistan and India, are going for elections to determine the future of peace in the region. The outcome Indian elections will greatly determine defence spending of the country in the upcoming budget and talks with Taliban hinges on the post Karzai scenario of Afghanistan.  

BJP Leader found guilty of Muslim Massacre (August 30, 2012)

60 years on, Indian Politics still hung on cast system (May 19, 2012)

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Hilary Clinton's visit to India (2012)

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