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 CPEC - China to take over Pakistan's agriculture.

Plots for sale in DHA Lahore  Phase 9

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China summons US ambassador over Huawei arrest The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, who faces US fraud charges related to sanctions-breaking dealings with Iran, has infuriated Beijing, threatening to disrupt a trade war truce between China and the United States.

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 Current Affairs Digest July 2018

Turkey, the most dangerous country.

Saudi Arabia to Go Nuclear.

Jahangir Tareen Resigns

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to marry on 19 May 2018

Saudi Arabia Wanted US to Bomb Iran, John Kerry

Catalan politicians struggle with Spanish prison regime

Current Affairs Digest by Dr Safdar Mahmood

'Verna' Movie Released Across Pakistan Amidst Controversy

How Qatar Survived Saudi-led Blockade

Israel Using Predators in Gaza

Spain Dissolves Catalan Parliament

Catalonia Declares Independence: EU Refuse to Recognize

Muslim World Divided Between Israel & Iran

How US Killed Revolutionaries in Africa: Gaddafi Mourned

China Declares War on US Dollar

Massive Crack Down on Baloch Students in Islamabad

Chinese space station to come crashing back down to Earth

Anti Israel views may deprive Hurricane Harvey Victims of State Support

Thisara Perera Refuses to Join Sri Lankan Rebels

Privacy of Mobile Users in Pakistan Threatened

Moscow Declares Washington Unreliable Over International Commitments

100 Greatest Business Minds of Out Times

Dawn Special Report on Breakup of Pakistan 1969 71

Largest Oil Reserves found in Punjab

Current Affairs Digest

A Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Death, reports AFP

Synthetic Drugs

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عرو حسین کا اصل ہیرو

سعودی عرب کے لاپتہ شہزادے

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Musharraf Stashed Billions Offshore, report.

University of London Stops Musharraf from Event

Premier League Update

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Polio cases in Balochistan reported.

CPEC - News

US envoy on Afghanistan meets Pakistan PM. The meeting comes days after President Donald Trump reached out to Khan, seeking his cooperation in ending the 17-year-old conflict.

Qatar quitting OPEC 'bad for oil cartel's and Saudi credibility' Qatar leaving the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is largely a symbolic step, expert tells RT, as the Gulf state is a marginal player in the oil trade. But they say repercussions will be felt in Riyadh.

Trump asks Pakistan PM for help with Afghan peace talks. Trump asked for Pakistan’s “support and facilitation” in negotiating an end to the war and offered to renew the strained relationship, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said.

Cane growers start three-day protest. Cane growers, supported by activists of two major organisations, started a three-day protest on Friday for their demands of fixing the current sugar cane crop's price at Rs250/40kg, imme­di­ate start of cane crushing by all mills and payment of outstanding dues by millers.

Chinese loans to Pakistan need more transparency-US Officials. China is lending in many countries where the terms of the loan are simply not given.

Attacks on Chinese nationals and interests in Pakistan are likely to continue Despite being armed with suicide vests, hand grenades and AK-47s, the militants failed to enter the consulate building and were neutralised at the entrance..

India blamed for attack in Karachi. Counter-terrorism officer Umar Khitab said that authorities are investigating whether Baluch separatist commander Aslam Achhu, who they believe masterminded the attack, is in India.

Brexit Deal Finalized  European Council President Donald Tusk has recommended that the EU approve the Brexit deal at a summit on Sunday.

Lion King 2019: First teaser trailer The first teaser trailer for Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King has been released.

Scientists discovered an energetic “cosmic serpent” in our galaxy. It is believed to be the only such star system of its kind in our galaxy and it’s destined for destruction.

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination. The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month.

After 'successful' China visit, PM Imran to jet off to Malaysia soon. Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to visit Malaysia in the third week of November

Massive Cyber attack on banks in Pakistan  A total of 19,864 cards were compromised from 22 Pakistani banks, it said.

Russia to host talks with Afghan leaders, Taliban delegation Russia said on Saturday that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had agreed to send a group of senior politicians to peace talks in Moscow, at which a delegation representing the Taliban would be present

Afghanistan Elections. The poll is seen as a crucial test for next year's presidential election and an important milestone ahead of a UN meeting in Geneva in November where Afghanistan is under pressure to show progress on "democratic processes".

Top Afghan police chief killed in Kandahar shooting The most important power broker in southern Afghanistan has been shot dead just days before parliamentary elections, along with at least one other top official, leaving a power vacuum in the Taliban’s birthplace.

BTS Makes History. South Korean seven-member boy band, which topped the US charts this year, is among the magazine’s list of ‘Next Generation Leaders’ as it continues its world tour.

Warning shot? China sells US Treasury bonds amid trade war China has sold $3 billion of sovereign dollar bonds. This is only the third such move by Beijing in the last 14 years, and the first involving bonds with a 30-year maturity.

Pakistan navy quits anti-piracy task force amid worsening US ties Pakistan's navy is no longer part of the counter-piracy Combined Task Force (CTF) that operates in the western Indian Ocean

Russia-India trade turnover to triple by 2025 The volume of trade between Russia and India has been growing and exceeded $10 billion last year. 

Pakistan cuts Chinese 'Silk Road' rail project by $2 billion due to debt concerns The megaproject to revamp the colonial-era line stretching 1,872 km (1,163 miles) from Karachi to the northwestern city of Peshawar was initially priced at $8.2 billion, but wrangling over costs has led to delays.

Ranbir and Neetu did not attend Krishna Raj Kapoor's funeral. Here's why? Her funeral was held on Monday evening and some of the biggest names from Bollywood were seen in attendance, including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji.

Kabul Attacked. Twin bombings at a sports club in Kabul on Wednesday killed at least 20 people and wounded 70 others, the latest in a spate of deadly attacks in the Afghan capital.

Afghan Migrants in Iran. Half the Afghans in Iran are undocumented and most are employed in the informal economy

Pakistan visit not political: Navjot Sidhu Under fire for the Pakistan visit,  Navjot Singh Sidhu asserted it was a personal invite from Imran Khan. Sidhu explained that he was unable to attend Vajpayee’s funeral as the news reached him late.

Assam register: Four million risk losing India citizenship India has published a list which effectively strips about four million people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship.

A new start or rerun in Korean Peninsula The highly choreographed meeting was performed by the two lead actors almost exactly as scripted. But many impromptu moments of congeniality, which drew laughs from the audience as well as from the actors themselves, highlighted the two sides’ eagerness to make the summit a success.

Koreas Talk Peace The recent summit held between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un appears to have done all.

Why is Pakistan afraid of happy women? While the stoically suffering woman is embraced, the happy woman can’t even get a foot in the door.

A Worrying New World Order The EU has been slow to act in the Caucasus, and too wary of upsetting Russia, concedes one deeply Atlanticist minister. But the sad reality is that, in Georgia, “the Americans have been struggling to know what to do.” It is a revealing comment

US approaches Moscow for truce? The summit would aim at resolving longstanding differences between the U.S. and Russia on issues including Syria, Ukraine, and nuclear arms control.

China May Get World's Largest Gas Field Because of U.S. Sanctions Against Iran Iran has threatened to give petroleum giant Total's stake in the South Pars gas fields to China if the French company could not secure protection from U.S. nuclear-related sanctions.

Iraq Election Results Shock US and Iran. Result is blow to US, but Iran will also lose out after Iraq’s protest against rule by proxy

North Korea to publicly close nuclear test site The news follows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s historic meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in earlier this month.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid has made it to a number of international literary awards, but this time the book has bagged an award!

Western Allies Urged Investment in Wahabi Mosques, Saudi Arabia Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman told Washington Post that spread of Wahabism in overseas countries was done at request from Western Countries.

Facebook Violated Laws Protecting User Privacy, South Korea. The Korea Communication Commission (KCC) slapped Facebook with a 396 million won ($370,000) fine for violating a law against damaging the interests of users.

Turkey, the most dangerous country. Analysts believe Turkey as the most dangerous in the Middle East region. Because Erdogan is a wild card who shifts his allegiances every five minutes and has so much to prove. Many have equally applied the same argument toward Israel.

Muslim Woman to Stand Against Putin in Russian Elections. Aina Gamzatova, a successful journalist and the head of Russia's largest Muslim media holding, was nominated as a presidential candidate by a local initiative group in the Russian Republic of Dagestan in late December and is running as an independent.

Traditional Chinese Medics Endanger Public Health, Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese government has restricted insurance reimbursements for 26 types of traditional medicine injections to larger hospitals, a bid to discourage use in small clinics where emergency treatment for allergies isn’t available.

China Courting Myanmar. Today, the U.S. seems to be in retreat from Southeast Asia under the Trump administration.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Life Sentence Upheld Badie, 74, was convicted for his role in violence that broke out in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia days after the army, led by then General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, toppled President Mohamed Mursi.

Donald Trump may not be able to scrap Nuclear Deal with Iran, why? It is in Americas interest that the deal moves on, advisor to the US President put a hold on the unholy desire. Subscribe to Current Affairs Digest to read special report on thorny issues White House is facing today.

Anti Israel views may deprive Hurricane Harvey Victims of State Support Residents in a Houston suburb will not receive funds donated for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts if they support boycotting Israel, according to a funding application form issued in the wake of the devastating storm.

Saudi King visit to Russia Saudi King reaches out to Putin to help increase oil prices.

US to Drop Pakistan as Ally - sanctions in the offing? US State department is contemplating over dropping Pakistan's name from non-NATO ally to put more pressure on the country. Having supported successive dictators in Pakistan, there is a realization in the US administration that the time now is to back India.

Imran Khan Strongly Criticizes Musharraf Imran Khan has urged Pakistan never to fight others wars for the lure of dollars.

Top 10 Influential Pakistanis after Jinnah. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Benazir Bhutto and Imran Khan has been listed as Pakistan's most influential persons after Jinnah - reads cover story of monthly Herald.

Trump’s threat akin to ‘sound of a dog barking’ – N. Korea US President Donald Trump’s fiery threat to “totally destroy” North Korea amounted to “the sound of a dog barking,” Pyongyang said, adding that Trump’s warnings are just a nonsensical “dog dream.”

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Maduro Claims Election Win Maduro had insisted that a new constituent assembly would help restore peace in the oil-rich nation. But analysts warned that the vote was likely to further heighten tensions within the country – and further isolate it on the diplomatic stage.

State of Israel May Not Last for Another 10 Years, Report Irrational fear of Israel’s destruction is deeper than just the bleak view of Jewish history and interpretations of Biblical message. Subscribe to Current Affairs Digest to read special report on existence of the State of Israel.

Xbox One vs PS4: Which is the best console?

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