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Kim Kardashian upstages Kanye


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GQs Best Dressed 2017, new and improved for a new year by opening up the top 50 to men for the first time. GQ has cast a knowing eye over the wardrobes of the worlds sartorial superheroes and crowned rapper, songwriter and wool turtleneck champion Drake number one.


Cricket's Big Crisis

India's Mars mission

Egypt's Military Coup

Turkish Dramas are gaining grounds amidst strong criticism in Pakistan

Nelson Mandela's initial support came from Cuba. Nelson Mandela was inspired by Fidel Castro the Cuban leader who transformed his country into the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere. At the very outset, while the West was reluctant to raise a voice against racial discrimination in South Africa; it was Fidel Castro who came to recognize the African National Congress and latter extended political and moral support, the US and the West had failed to.   (Read Full Story)


Nelson Mandela an icon larger than life. A handshake of US President Obama and Raul Castro was the culmination of Nelson Mandela memorial. While the Western media continued to shun the moment, legacy of the great African leader prevailed even after his death - reconciliation.  (Read Full Obituary Note)

Punjab is again at the mercy of Lahore (June 1, 2013)

Insane power game in Pakistan (June 22, 2012)

Media and Courts Bring PM Gilani to the trial as citizens wait for justice

Pakistan's Berth for Chicago.

Obituary: Nelson Mandela

Much Easier to get

Readers Digest in Pakistan


Gleaning from the Blogs

Imran Khan tells Time magazine he suggested his friend on betting in 1992!

Pakistani Parliament Demands End to Drone Strikes

Getting killed in Pakistan is a blessing..., living is a curse!


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