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Israel & Gaza

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Who Wants a War in Middle East? Among key players, practically everyone wants to fight, as long as someone else does the fighting.


National Geographic Magazine Subscription in Pakistan

National Geographic Magazine Subscription in Pakistan

US Decides to Recognise Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.

400 Killed in Iran Earthquake

Hajj accidents in Saudi Arabia

10 Lessons from the Iraq War

Israel, Palestine and peace in the Middle East.

Syria is Preparing for Plan B

Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & Salafis in Syria

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Assad Meet Putin. Syria's Bashar Assad made a surprise visit to Russia to express thanks for Moscowís help in the fight against terrorism

Terror Attack Foiled Near Saudi Royal Palace Several Twitter accounts posted photos which, they said, were made at the site of the incident near the Al Salam (Peace) palace. There has so far been no confirmation of the attack from Saudi authorities. The US Embassy in Saudi Arabia has issued a security warning to American citizens in Jeddah over the reported attack.

Iran and Saudi Arabia.  No doubt, Saudi Arabia has objectives and a plan, but in the short term they appear to create more problems for the kingdom than for its arch-rival. The growing anxiety over slump in the oil market and the ageing Kingdom becoming a threat for regional peace?

The waning Saudi Kingdom. The King is old, authoritarian and in a haste. The growing bloodshed of innocent people in Yemen is isolating the erst-while darling of Pakistan and the West.

Iran and nuclear weapons. Iran is back at the negotiating table. But trust in its diplomacy and in its theological utterances about nuclear weapons is fragile

On Nuclear Insecurity


 Israel & Gaza: a tyrant is losing fast. America's secretary of state John Kerry had blamed Israel's settler lobby for failure of talks some two months ago. Sympathy factor for Jew has fallen and polls prior to Gaza destruction Israel was rated even below Russia and shades ahead of North Korea. No justification of lost lives yet US may have to find something for face saving in policy parameters.

Saudi Arabia prepares for diplomatic assault on Syria (August 2012)  

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