Pervez Musharraf want to return Pakistan, again!

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Imran Khan:  Pervez Musharraf’s able Lieutenant

Is the skipper embarking on a political suicide? Is the time ripe for any kind of political change at the top? The lack of political acumen on the part of Pakistan’s rising political force may prove even more disastrous for none but Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf.

“You will see both Nawaz Sharif and Benazir would be out of politics, people will forget them soon”, Pervez Musharraf Pakistan’s dictator was trying to be more prophetic than an executive in front of media. The venue had been his military residence, commonly known as The Army House and he was talking to a group of BBC correspondents in the evening marking his one year into the power. But how is that going to happen? Where the next new leadership would come from? The court had allowed him only three years as roadmap to democracy.

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Local bodies are the answer; the next leadership would emerge from. All the media persons present in the room sensed the powerful military man had no intentions to lose his grip on power. The next morning, the Chief Executive, as he had appointed himself to the country’s top office, discussed with his chief of staff on options for some acceptable public figures that could be groomed as alternative to the country’s towering political leadership. Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Tahir ul Qadri appeared the most appropriate options. Somehow these options would not materialize as the people surrounding the military ruler found certain glitches on each person.

More than a decade and a half down the road, with the popularity graph of Mianwali’s Khan soaring to reasonable proportions on the web, cricketer-turned-playboy-turned politician still draws his powers from the quarters Pakistan’s mass polity is not ready to accept. While Imran Khan is getting impatient to grab the opportunities in Pakistan’s infancy democracy, Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister is moving ahead with considerable haste to push his military to the parameters he himself has determined for Pakistan’s most powerful institution.

This is the most opportune moment for the non-Pukhtoon Khan to fill in the gap created between the government and the military following the attack on a leading Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir. Imran Khan’s assault on the government strangely coincide this infamous incident that forced the government to stop pursuing the trail of Pervez Musharaf.  Yet there are many questions being raised within the country. Is the skipper embarking on a political suicide? Is the time ripe for any kind of political change at the top? The lack of political acumen on the part of Pakistan’s rising political force may prove even more disastrous for none but PTI. These are not wishful assumptions from the Prime Minister's secretariat.

There are good reasons to believe why Imran Khan’s wayward approach to politics and the self-styled ambitious mood is bound to fail.


The most important thing that Imran needs to convince his worker is the rigging of mandate. Well there had been serious allegations in the past electoral history of the country but the voter difficult to come on street to cast his right to vote may not pay much heed to the Khan’s accusation plan. One, the elections were not supervised by the Nawaz Sharif government. Two, at initial stage Imran khan and his party had consented on the appointment of CEC. Outside the major cities Imran and his party had little space to move around.

If PTI leaders are to move ahead in Pakistan politics they may have to wait for the time when Nawaz Sharif led federal government proves itself incompetent or the KPK economy thrives on opportunities created by the PTI economic managers and think tank. Any such eventuality requires considerable time materialize. In the absence of clear issues, Imran Khan’s premature agitation offensive on the Federal Government will earn him all but the title of an able Lieutenant of Pervez Musharraf.

There is a growing perception that PTI government in KPK has failed to ensure basic health facilities and polio vaccination even in the settled areas of the province and tribal areas under control of his party’s administration (PATA).

Provincial government of KPK has also embarrassed Pakistanis on polio vaccination considering that his provincial government came riding on the populist wave of pro Taliban / anti US sentiments but in case of polio vaccination Mr Khan and his political reps in KPK failed to draw any leverage from Taliban on polio vaccination while he publically kept urging the Federal Government to move ahead on talks with Taliban unilaterally.

Lawlessness in the KPK continues unabated as it had been prac in the past. Kidnapping for ransom, unregistered vehicles in the province and power theft were not accepted as a challenge by the provincial government, rather false excuses came from Imran Khan justifying electricity theft in parts of KPK province.

The man who had promised an end to corruption from the country within 90 days to power now finds himself expressing his inability to have miscalculated the extent of the problems even at provincial level. Can a leader with such wayward approach be handed over the entire country? People in Pakistan know little how much powers province have been handed over by 18th Amendment yet KPK’s government is helpless in the hand of few bureaucrats. Life of a common man on the streets of Peshawar has not changed.  Imran Khan’s increasing protests are actually aimed at diverting the attention of media from bad governance in KPK.

By the way Imran Khan seldom played cricket for Pakistan unless he had donned the skipper’s mantle and that too on grounds and wickets that would suit his personal style to bowl his opponent out. Going by the history of Imran Khan’s leadership, the PTI chief is not going to allow functionaries perform their duties unless he is entrusted upon the absolute powers to run country.

- Aamir Zakauddin

July 30, 2014

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