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World Cup 2018 Top Fixtures

Brace yourselves as that time of the year (that comes around every four years) is just around the corner. From June 14 to July 15, for 32 days, the biggest stars of the biggest sport on planet Earth will take centre stage in Russia.


Friday Time

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 Here’s a quick guide to the World Cup, played for the first time across two continents – Europe and Asia.

10 unmissable games from the group phase

Mark these dates in your diaries for the hottest games of the group phase (Central European Time):

·         Friday 15 June, 20.00: Portugal - Spain

·         Saturday 16 June, 15.00: Argentina - Iceland

·         Sunday 17 June, 20.00: Brazil - Switzerland

·         Monday 18 June, 20.00: Tunisia - England

·         Thursday 21 June, 17.00: France - Peru

·         Thursday 21 June, 20.00: Argentina - Croatia

·         Saturday 23 June, 20.00: Germany - Sweden

·         Sunday 24 June, 20.00: Poland - Colombia

·         Tuesday 26 June, 16.00: Denmark - France

·         Thursday 28 June, 20.00: England - Belgium

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Asked if it was the perfect opportunity for the players to bounce back, Mourinho said: "Not because of Munich that the game becomes important for us.

"It' important for us because we need points to be the first of the last. We need to try to finish second - we have been in this position all season. First for a few weeks, but we have been second for the rest.

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"It has been better than last season in every aspect - points, position, number of goals, goals conceded - everything.

Post dated 2 February  2018

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