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Match fixing in Pakistan Cricket


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Unfortunately, young cricketers in Pakistan find it difficult to pursue a career in a professional manner while playing in domestic cricket. The disgraced cricketers with greased hands are back on the field and using their media links to promise a clean entry into the arena. But, the question remains why our young cricketers find it disappointing to continue enjoy the game in a clean manner?


Pakistan cricket infrastructure offers little for clean and promising professionals to show their mettle.  At the heart of the problem is PCBís reluctance to exercise powers in curbing indiscipline at the highest level of the game.



The orgy of the excess is that the officials trying to offer opportunities to likes of Salim Malik along with host of other former player with a dubious past besides having engaged coaches already identified for their ease on virtues.


The predicament of Mr Sethi is understandable, the host of culprits identified in the Justice Qayyum Report of the 1995 hail from Lahore and were reportedly scapegoat to save the real culprit of the 1994-95 series between Pakistan and Australia. Some reports suggest are engaged with PCB.


The commission found Malik guilty to fix a Test match


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The question remains, has Pakistan cricket run short of clean cricketers to work along? How can an honest and clean professional in Pakistanís domestic cricket reach at the top in presence of match-fixing heroes?

Ata ur Rehman had confessed of being guilty in match fixing.

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