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Cricket Helmets create controversy?








Pakistan Cricket Hostage to match fixers?


20 years after Justice Qayyum filed his report on match-fixing in Pakistan Cricket, the culprits of the nation rule the game in Pakistan. Over the years Pakistan cricket has lost prestige on the international scene not because of internal security problems but PCBís reluctance on the cleaning act, writes Aamir Zakauddin.

Successive PCB regimes, including the military backed Gen Tauqir and Nasim Ashraf turned a blind eye to involvement of cricketers in match-fixing and other immoral practices rampant in Pakistanís Cricket team as well as at the domestic level.

Jaustice Qayyum wrote that Waqar Younis was reluctant to help commission in finding the facts.

Hijacked by morally incorrect individuals PCB spent more time to ensure opportunities for the match-fixers than focusing on growth of domestic cricket Ė a mission where they succeeded too.


There are sufficient grounds to cast strong doubts over Mushtaqe, observed Justice Qayyum

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