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Pakistan's Cricketers want more prize money

According to some reports, a few players were unhappy despite being showered with treasures for winning the Champions Trophy.


Their grievances – according to sources – was about not getting equal share of the cake as those who actually did perform well in the tournament.

After the reports of players’ grievances became public, at least two companies have backed out of the plans of honouring the cricketers.

“Two companies have told PCB that players’ objection on rewards is unacceptable to them and they’ve put their programs on hold,” said a source.



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“The companies have told the board that they can’t give equal prize to all the players, and performers will be preferred over non performers,” the source added.

The news of the players’ unhappiness came into the limelight on Thursday, when some looked furious after not getting equal amount of reward as skipper Sarfraz Ahmed and the final’s centurion Fakhar Zaman.

The source further revealed that the PCB is upset about the scenario and a message has been conveyed to the players that they can’t demand same share from everyone.

Pakistani cricketers, after winning the Champions Trophy, were showered with millions by everyone, from government to private sectors.


Each player was awarded 10 million rupees by the PM in a function earlier this month. The PCB had also stated that the winning bonus of 2.2 million dollars will be equally distributed among the players and the board won’t take any share from the prize money.

Other than these official rewards, the players also received millions from different corporations.




Posted on July 21, 2017




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