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Shell Pakistan responsible for over 200 deaths, says OGRA

In its report on the oil tanker accident at Ahmedpur Sharqia, Ogra has stated that although the oil tanker had been outsourced, the responsibility of maintaining standards lay with Shell since it was the licensee of Ogra.  Magazines on cars and automobiles in Pakistan



Holding Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) responsible for the Ahmedpur Sharqia incident, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has imposed a penalty of Rs10 million on SPL and has additionally ordered it to pay Rs1m each to the families of the deceased and Rs500,000 each to the injured victims of the incident.

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According to Ogra's three-member committee, the tanker did not meet the technical standards required to carry 50,000 litres of petrol and it did not meet the regulations of Ogra and the Department of Explosives. Additionally, the tanker was carrying a fake fitness certificate.


The Ogra report attributed the ignition of fire to a lack of awareness among the general public and the lack or delay in response from the local government and motorway police to cordon off the area. The SPL also failed to submit a detailed report, only submitting a short preliminary one.

The report recommended greater vigilance regarding safety standards for oil marketing companies (OMC), also asking them for a "timeline action plan for conversion of tank lorries of their contractor/haulier to the applicable safety laws and regulations".

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It recommended the Oil Companies Advisory Committee to ensure an aggressive campaign to make the public aware of hazards, and the local governments and departments to revisit their plans for patrolling and quick response.

Incident and aftermath

The death toll from the Bahawalpur oil tanker explosion climbed to 214 on Thursday, according to medical sources.

Apart from more than 150 people killed immediately in the fire, more than 100 people had suffered burn injuries in the incident which took place on June 25.

They had been shifted to District Headquarters Hospital in Ahmedpur Sharqia, Nishtar Hospital in Multan, Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur and Jinnah Hospital in Lahore.

The disaster occurred when a tanker carrying 40,000 litres of fuel overturned after trying to make a sharp turn while travelling from Karachi to Vehari on the main highway, and hundreds of residents of a nearby village gathered to collect the leaking fuel.




Post Dated July 9, 2017


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More dams are to come, as India’s need to power its economy means it is quietly spending billions on hydropower in Kashmir. The Senate report totted up 33 hydro projects in the border area with Pakistan. The state’s chief minister, Omar Abdullah, says dams will add an extra 3,000MW to the grid in the next eight years alone. Some analysts in Srinagar talk of over 60 dam projects, large and small, now on the books. (This special report has appeared in the Bulletin on Current Affairs - February 2012, you may have to Buy the print edition to read full story)

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