US-Pakistan relations

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Russia in conflict

Vladimir Putin’s regional roulette has many fronts but just two primary stakes: oil and pride. (Newsweek magazine Pakistan)

Russia is nursing border disputes with Norway and Japan, but the real emotional outbursts come with the former soviet states, many of whom are sidling up to NATO or the E.U. Among the weapons wielded: troop deployments, trade embargoes and immigration quotas. In the year 2006 Russia hiked gas and oil prices to Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, all countries resisting the Kremlin’s political embrace. With former satellites like Azerbaijan planning oil pipelines that bypass Russia. Expect more hurt feeling—and more rough play.

Saudi Arabia & Russia

Issues in US-India relations

AZERBAIJAN Halts oil shipments to Russian Black Sea port after sharp gas-price hikes.

BELARUS In early ’07, Russia shuts off crude oil supplies, alleging siphoning of oil meant for other nations.


CHINA Russian nationalist worry about Chinese migrants taking over borderlands.

GEORGIA A serious geopolitical fight gets weird, with a Russian ban on Georgian wine and mineral water.

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International Affairs


JAPAN Fishermen and Russia’s navy clash in a long conflict over control of Kurile Islands.

MOLDOVA Long fights over Moscow-backed breakaway territory Transdniestria.

NORWAY A boundary dispute muddles mutual claims to a gas field in the Barents Sea.

UKRIANE A major gas standoff; unrest over Russia’s Ukraine-based Crimea fleet.

Post Dated April 3, 2007

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