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US quits UNESCO: ‘Israel setting agenda for Trump, Trump falls into line’

The US announced Thursday it is withdrawing from UNESCO. According to the State Department, the main reasons are concerns over mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform within the organization, and UNESCO's alleged anti-Israel bias.

The US decision to withdraw from UNESCO marks the first time the State Department has lined up with Congressional elements funded by the pro-Israel lobby and reflects the weakness of the Trump administration, says author and journalist Max Blumenthal.

Shortly after that, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also ordered his country withdraw from UNESCO. He hailed the US move as a brave and moral decision, saying UNESCO has become "a theater of the absurd."

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Netanyahu also claimed that instead of preserving history the organization distorts it. In October last year, Israel suspended co-operation with UNESCO, after the body adopted a resolution on the Temple Mount (known to Muslims as the Haram esh-Sharif) and the Western Wall in Jerusalem, ignoring any Jewish connection. The UN cultural agency said the places should be referred to only by their Arabic names. The document also criticized Israel's policies at holy sites in Jerusalem and the West Bank.




Post dated October 13, 2017

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