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Mera Sultan - Dastan e Jamal o Jalal

Mera Sultan is being aired on Geo Kahani daily at 09.00 PM Pakistan Standar Time.   


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Mahidevran, senior "khatun" and mother of the Sultan's surviving son Mustafa, becomes obsessively jealous of Hürrem. Blaming Hürrem for her own miscarriage, Mahidevran beats her up badly; when Süleyman finds out, Mahidevran falls even further from his favor.

During Süleyman's campaign against Belgrade, recently married Victoria's husband is killed during their escape. Victoria, later Sadika, goes to Constantinople to take revenge.

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Hürrem becomes pregnant with their first son, Mehmed. Süleyman calls her to his chambers to eat sweetmeats, but these have been poisoned by Mahidevran. Hürrem eats the sweets and faints, but Süleyman manages to rescue her. Süleyman's displeasure with Mahidevran increases. 


Hürrem becomes pregnant with Süleyman's first and only daughter, Mihrimah Sultan. After giving birth she gives a party in the Harem, but then gets in a fight with another favorite, Ayshe Hatun, and threatens to kill her. Sadika kills Ayshe because Ayshe suspects she is up to something, but because Hürrem threatened her and all evidence seems to prove that Hürrem killed her. Süleyman banishes her to the old (Crimean) palace. Ibrahim tells Hürrem that she can come back to the Topkapi Palace if she agrees to kiss Mahidevran's dress. Initially Hürrem refuses, but then changes her mind.

Ibrahim Pasha has married Hatice Sultan (Sultan Süleyman's sister). After that, Hürrem gives birth to a boy and the Sultan goes with her on a trip in the forest. Selim remains with Gulnihal.

Then Süleyman goes hunting with Mustafa, Hürrem and Mehmet, but he doesn't take Mahidrevan. Meanwhile there is a civil war.

Leo, Hürrem's former fiance, finds out where Hürrem is and becomes the royal painter to get close to her. Ibrahim Pasha discovers the truth about their relationship. He tells Hürrem that unless she feeds Leo poisoned Turkish delights, he will tell the Sultan about leo himself.

In the last episode of the season Süleyman is in a pavilion outside Ibrahim pasha's palace, enjoying the view and eating grapes with Sadika serving him. In the last 3 minutes Sadika is seen bringing a tray with a glass of water, but with a dagger concealed beneath it; Hürrem cries as she feeds Leo the poisoned Turkish delights. Süleyman is threatened with a dagger at his throat.

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