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Mera Sultan - Dastan e Jamal o Jalal

Mera Sultan is being aired on Geo Kahani daily at 09.00 PM Pakistan Standar Time.   


Story is about Sultan Suleiman. At age twenty-six, when his reign began, Sultan Süleyman sought to build an empire more powerful and more extensive than Alexander The Great and to render the Ottomans invincible. Throughout his 46-year reign, his fame as both the greatest warrior and ruler of his age spread both East and West.

The young Süleyman receives news of his father's death and ascension to the sultanete during a hunting party in 1520. In haste to reach the capital he leaves his consort Mahidevran and their son, little prince Mustafa, at his palace in Manisa, he takes the road to Topkapı Palace in İstanbul accompanied by his close friend and favorite Pargalı İbrahim

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At the same time another ship sails from the Crimea across the Black Sea, bringing Christian girls as gifts to the Ottoman palace. On this ship Alexandra Lisowska, daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, is making a very different journey. Kidnapped by Crimean Tartar raiders, after seeing her father, mother, little sister and fiance killed she rebels against her slavery at every opportunity. Nonetheless she is destined to captivate Sultan Süleyman, rising from palace slave to sultan's favorite until Süleyman takes the nearly unprecedented step of making her his wife. She will bear his sons and rule his empire with him through bloodshed and intrigue, becoming famous throughout the Ottoman empire as Hürrem Sultan ("Cheerful Sultan"), and as "Roxelana" in the West.



Season 1:

Sultan Süleyman learns of his ascension while on a hunting trip with his close friend Ibrahim Pargali.  

Meanwhile a Ruthenian girl, Alexandra Lisowska (aka Roxelana, later Hürrem Sultan) is captured during a Tatar slave raid on her village; her father, mother, and sister are killed in the raid, but her fiance Leo survives and escapes (although she thinks he also died). Her best friend Maria (later Gulnihal) is taken in the same ship.

When Alexandra arrives she is taught a lesson: if she becomes a favorite ("khatun") and gives birth to a son, she could rise to become a Sultana and rule the world. So, to attract his attention, when the Sultan next passes by and all concubines/slaves bow in respect, she calls out his name and then faints into his arms. Intrigued, Süleyman summons her to his bed. She becomes the favorite, the Sultan naming her Hürrem. Later she converts to Islam.

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Post dated October 27, 2013



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