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Shahmir Qidwai: People at the top in Pakistan Music lack creativity

Pakistan's film industry is failing to produce good stuff and music is taken over by those who have money but lack creativity says Shahmir Aziz Qidwai, an emerging singer from Islamabad .

Shahmir Aziz  Qidwai was born and raised in Islamabad, the only child to his parents. He did his secondary and higher education from Islamabad college for boys, and had been an intelligent kid, who later on joined Air University for Engineering where he successfully set his foot and became an Engineer, got stuck in the tough and cruel professional life but He kept the passion alive, worked hard on improving skills as music being a hobby. He knew that was actually what He was made for. His dream was to become a singer, However, His journey to Pakistan idol provided him a platform. Nehal Khan had him answer some questions on his inspiration and ambitions.

Q) What inspired you into music?

A) Yes its true i loved listening to music since ever i can remember, but there was this girl in my life when i was in college, she told me that i have a nice voice and should sing. She ran away some time after that lol, but i guess she tracked me up on a better path.

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Q) 3 things that describe your personality..

A) 1- Interesting, 2- Confusing, 3- Opinion! What? Why???. Yeah! Exactly!

Q) What are your interest apart from singing?

A) I like to write, workout, try new adventures exploring nature and i have a dog!

Q) What do you think about the decline in Pakistani music industry?

A) Amm... Not decline, but yes its more than partially taken over by people who have money but not creativity!

Q) How was your experience in Pakistan Idol?

A) It was great! A life changer i must say.

Q) Your favorite Indian and western songs?

A) Almost all songs from Rockstar movie. From west its a long list dude, but id say its "Watch over you" and "in loving memory" by Alter Bridge.

Q) If you ever get a chance, which singer you will like to have a duet with.

A) Only if i ever get a chance, it will be Tina Sani, i simply love her voice.

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Q) Pakistan lacks playback singers, do you think the high trend for pop and Sufi music is the reason for it?

A) No i don't think so, our music industry is producing good music, film industry is failing to produce good stuff. And now its 2014, its way past the times when we needed playback singers, its the game of improvisation now and background scores, no body wants a lady dancing and lip syncing love songs. Those who want, need to change cause its about time we change.


Q) Which music genre fits into your voice..??

A) These days its not the genre that has to fit into your voice, its your voice that has to fit in different genres, diversify keeping the individuality!

Q) Lastly what message you would like to give to your young fans who want to join this field.

A) Silence! I keel you! Well! now that i have seen a glimpse of how it is to be there, i would say it is so not easy! Do step in, but only when you know deep down and you are sure, that you have the talent, you have the guts, you have the courage to sacrifice, you have the patience required, if its all shaky, you'll only be wasting your time! Good luck!

Post dated October 18, 2015.

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