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"Captain America: Civil War" opens with $ 179 million US only

The first Black supper hero has finally made it to the Silver screen. Second only to Avengers: Age of Ultron, "Captain America: Civil War" is still ragging...

Although every major MCU character of note gets something to do in Captain America: Civil War, the film also takes time to introduce two new players. Through them, it’s easy to see why these movies have showcased such longevity. Despite sharing the screen with a dozen other “enhanced” individuals, they feel completely different. They have nothing in common with anyone else. They are a breath of fresh air.

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Take T’Challa, the prince from the African nation of Wakanda who becomes king when his father is assassinated who also happens to be the Black Panther, a protector role that has been passed down amongst his people for centuries. His unique role to play in the film goes beyond a cool costume.

Civil War never forgets that T’Challa is legitimate royalty and he carries himself with the confidence of a young man who was literally born and trained to lead. He’s serious by design, a guy so secure in his position that he can deflect Sam Wilson’s cracks about his “cat” costume and make him look like the fool. He’s regal, intense, a leader with the literal weight of a nation on his shoulders.


You can see the gears turning behind his steely facade. His blood boils easily, but he maintains a calm face. He seeks vengeance, but he knows when it is time to put away his claws. Black Panther is vital enough to the plot of Civil War that he never feels like an advertisement for his own solo film, but this is a character that deserves his own spin-off. Chadwick Boseman has given us every reason in the world to look forward to his solo adventure.


Post dated May 10, 2016

Jennifer Lawrance and Aziz Ansari

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